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Ode to an Autumn Leaf

It is time to let go I have been clinging on For too long The desperation of hanging on Is released Gone Only gravity controls my destiny And I relax my grip

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I struggle with contemporary war poetry. It either seems like imagined images from a distance, or trite nonsense. Jack Henry, the American Poet, has written the best contemporary war poem I have read for some time: a short Vietnamese lady … Continue reading

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The Last Witch Draft

This is a rough, and not for public consumption The Last Witch Screenplay It was as if the child had been launched by a giant catapult, tumbling slowly mid-air, a blur of flailing arms, legs and clothes. Jaws dropped, hands … Continue reading

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Darren Stanton

The Human Lie Detector – Darren Stanton, Nottingham Antenna Theatre, 24/8/21 Darren Is an ubiquitous presence  on television, from breakfast television to investigative reporting. His skill is in body language and rooting out lies from  both the famous, and notorious. … Continue reading

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Poems 2021

Upon seeing a matryoshka doll On Arbat Street At the back of the shop It was tight to twist  vaguely fragile Perhaps her name was Svetlana Wearing the dust as an extra layer Each sharp turn revealing a hidden frame. Each cadaver was … Continue reading

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Siouxsie & The Banshees / The Human League, London Rainbow Theatre, 7th April, 1979

Shows which are anticipated as Events rarely live up to expectations. This was an exception. Siouxsie was playing the gig as a benefit for the mental health charity Mencap. Raw punk had long since disappeared into the ether, in its … Continue reading

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Far East Cruise

And so the adventure begins at Birmingham airport. And then, 13 hours later, U-Tapao airport Thailand. The Ship   Relaxing on board, somewhere in the China Sea. At sea in the restaurant where we always had our breakfast: Sihanoukville, Cambodia … Continue reading

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Sacred Sites Tarot Cards – Barbara Micklejohn Free and Flavia Kate Peters

  I read Past Lives Tarot cards. My own deck was created by Doreen Virtue and Brian Weiss. I read them intuitively. They have no specific independent meaning. They are simply a bridge between myself and the client. I have … Continue reading

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The Boomtown Rats – Leeds, 1977

  The Boomtown Rats Oct 17th, ,1977 Leeds Poly The summer of 77 unleashed a tsunami of Punk and New Wave debut albums, singles and tours. It was difficult to keep up. It seemed that every week there was something … Continue reading

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The Stranglers – Leeds University, 7th June, 1978

  A band that were around Punk at its inception, were also outsiders from its inception. The Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Buzzcocks were the original fulcrum, lauded by the all powerful music press of the time. There were … Continue reading

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