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Word Wizards

Grove Hotel, Buxton This was my first visit to Word Wizards and a post August bank holiday date seemed the perfect time to visit this Peak District event in a most picturesque setting . The Grove Hotel itself is some … Continue reading

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September What’s On

Sun 4th ARTournament Sunday Daytime Chill, The New Inn in the centre of Gloucester (opp M&S)12-8pm,Free in. Poetry and acoustic music, Barnaby Eaton-Jones Mid-day ,Miki Bryne, 1pm,Jamie Doughty 1.30 ,Brown Torpedo, 2pm and after 6pm.Lisa Ventura 2.30pm,Jeremy Toombs, 3pm,Suz Winspear … Continue reading

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Atlantic Crossing

The quayside terminus belched steam and passengers Parallel rails yielding to a dipping sea A black iron cliff rose, majestic Pockmarked with perfect rivets Covered gangways swayed A mysterious Rubicon Corridors splayed in labyrinthine luxury The Purser prowling imperious as … Continue reading

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Word Police

I noticed that Collins have decided to make words redundant Without asking you and me And I am somewhat surprised by their inconsistency For it appears that aerodrome is to be no more As now they are seen to be … Continue reading

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Breathing Life into Endangered Words

For the first time this year I have become aware of a process by which Collins retires words from their dictionaries following a factual appraisal of their disuse. I love words and language and fully accept that, over time, words … Continue reading

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Bilston Voices, Metro Cafe, Bilston

Like other spoken word events which I have attended recently , Bilston Voices defied the holiday season by drawing a packed house, making this what hostess Emma Purshouse declared a “blue chair” occasion, when emergency blue chairs had to be … Continue reading

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Shindig, The Western Public House, Leicester

A healthy crowd turned out in the middle of the holiday season for this event, which is held bi-monthly, within the convivial surrounds of the Western Public House. Most Spoken Word evening have their own distinctive characteristics and Shindig is … Continue reading

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Spoken Worlds, Old Cottage Tavern, Burton on Trent

This open-mic event is now established in its ability to draw attendance from far and wide. Under the skilful stewardship of MC Gary Carr, the standard is high, and the evening always moves on at a brisk pace. It also … Continue reading

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The Arc of a Brick

Dense and angular Lacking aerodynamic qualities Propelled by brute force It cuts through the night air With no evident sign of friction Destined to meet its fate By gravity and diminishing momentum alone At sudden impact Crazed cracks spider outwards … Continue reading

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The Olde Tavern

In the bowels Of the growelry The brabble Ebbed and flowed As barmaids foozled Offering frothy pints In swoopstake abandon Elbows bowed

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