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Christmas Midlands Poetry Personalities Anagram Quiz

Just for fun ,the first 30 anagrams are of people who either organise, or are prominent at, poetry events across the Midlands. Inclusion is not by prominence- but by anagram interest! The final five are of events themselves. Answers on … Continue reading

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The Snowman’s Lament

Winter is my favourite time , Otherwise I just melt away into the background, And although I am always a little tubby in the middle And can never see my feet, it’s neat Being a Snowman. It’s just the way … Continue reading

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British Female 1970’s Pop Stars

The music produced by female singers in the 70’s outstripped fashion trends by some distance! A year ago, I posted a blog on British Female 1960’s Pop Stars. It has subsequently gone on to be one of my most read … Continue reading

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Parole Parlate, Little Venice, Worcester

Parole Parlate does not normally meet in December, but this year the organisers took a chance by doing so, resulting in one of the best attendances of the year. Much has happened poetically in Worcestershire in 2012 and those involved … Continue reading

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A Canal Poet Laureate- Why?

Recently Jo Bell was awarded the inaugural Canal Poet Laureateship for the Canal and River Trust. Boats and writing have been easy bedfellows over the years, however the creation of any new position will always provoke conflicting views. As a … Continue reading

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Promoting Your Poetry- Publishing and Performance

For most poets the news that a collection has been accepted for publication by a mainstream publisher is a cause for celebration for themselves, their families ,and friends. It validates their work and provides third party endorsement affording credibility and … Continue reading

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December 2012- What’s On, Midlands Spoken Word

December is a month in which the normal pattern of Spoken Word events is altered. Some regular events don’t meet, some one off specials appear. I have only listed those events positively confirmrd for the month. Sat 1st She @ … Continue reading

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