The occasion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

I have been asked to write and perform at two events celebrating this occasion. It is, and was, very easy to be ultra cynical, particularly from a child of the Silver Jubilee, the Sex Pistols and the “stuff the Jubilee” movement. But 45years on I thought i would surprise everyone, and “go native”.


It is with tremulous proud oration

That I urge you all across the nation

To join  in  this unique celebration

Of pride  and humble appreciation

To you this is my exhortation

Let all the streets be party filled

Let cakes be eaten and beverages filled

For our queen, sovereign  over near and far

Raise the roof and fill the bar

Mother to the Kingdom, Anne, Charles Edward and Andrew too

Let millions gather and not just a few.

Let beacons be lit in a sea of blazes

Illuminating her  subjects beaming faces
let  parades parade and church bells ring

Let grannies reminisce and children sing

All while eating candy floss

Let all admire the jubilee concert with Dina Ross

For there is no mountain high enough to obscure the nations joy

Of parents and of girls and boys

Nor valley deep enough to contain our  affection

Undiluted, pure without circumspection

When she was young she made a vow

That she would serve her country anyway, anyhow

No river would be wide enough to keep her from us

With elegance and diligence, without any fuss

Celebrated with wine and jelly

Waving from the balcony or carriage  on our telly

We wish her happiness, prosperity and health

From theses sceptred isles , and all the commonwealth

Commemorated on mugs and china

Let us  all cry “Vivat Regina”!

 70 years- Our time.

Seventy years, a sinuous thread

Connecting the living to the long gone dead.

Some say that this  is about the Queen

But it isn’t it is about you and me

Fourteen prime ministers have paid their respects

And just as many American presidents

All standing deferentially in line

It wasn’t just hers, it was our time

She saw the continent connected to us via the chunnel

We shared her anguish at Diana’s demise in a tunnel

We offered our support as our boys faced down the argies

We welcomed the commonwealth’s curries and bhajis.

With world cups and Olympics we celebrated with you

Proud to represent the red white and blue.

An occasion unique, which none again shall see

The sovereign’s Platinum Jubilee.

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