Darren Stanton

The Human Lie Detector – Darren Stanton, Nottingham Antenna Theatre, 24/8/21

Darren Is an ubiquitous presence  on television, from breakfast television to investigative reporting. His skill is in body language and rooting out lies from  both the famous, and notorious. In this show he introduced basic lie detecting skills in the first half, then demonstrated them using library news footage in the second

His career in the police  working  for Nottinghamshire Constabulary and then later Derbyshire Constabulary gave him plenty of practice in dealing with people whose personal best interests were not best served by telling the truth to the police . Having studied neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotism, body language and psychology, he  then put all that theoretical and practical knowledge and experience  to use by pursuing a media career in 2009.

His work as a celebrity observer for the media inevitably elicits numerous fascinating anecdotes on the likes of Prince Andrew, Price Harry, Meghan Markle,  Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. His insights have been shared by news organisations worldwide. But this night focussed on notorious crime stories, specifically Ian Huntley, Kate and Gerry McCann, Mick and Mairead Philpott, the Derby murderers, and an American familicide.Many of us love being armchair sleuths, hence the popularity of television crime dramas, and detective novels. Darren shows us that we are using more than just our intuition in determining the innocent and guilty, and how the professionals use particular skills to assist them looking at nonverbal and verbal indicators of innocence and guilt. The Philpott murders happened in nearby Derby, the McCanns come from Leicester, similarly close by, so there was a sense of immediacy and proximity to the stories. The Philpott murders were clear cut, both he and his wife were convicted, as was Ian Huntley offering clear examples of devious behaviour?

The McCanns, are merely the parents of a missing child, charged with, and found guilty of, no crime. Yet there is voluminous interview footage of them providing plenty of material for both the professional and amateur to pore over. To Stanton’s credit he made no judgement, and  offered only questions, on a crime mystery which has intrigued the world for over a decade. His objective was not for him, or us to act as judge or jury but instead to watch as newly taught observers. Were we watching the innocent or guilty. Did their Medical training enable them to postulate alternatives ( as in medical diagnoses) convincingly?

This one off stage show, which was interactive and engaging, was his first post Covid restrictions outing and was warmly received, and confidently and amusingly delivered. He is embarking on a murder mystery, dinner tour in the new year at which he will be joined by other crime professionals as the audience seeks to sort out the wheat from the chaff, the innocent from the guilty. They are sure to be hugely enjoyable events. For more details on Darren and his upcoming appearances : https://www.tvhumanliedetector.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR3VvHQ2EjJPl2pC1dXPgaNOwRapJNRjZT1VVq9k10BfamjPe-WTo-qjgYI

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