Rosliston Retreat Writing


A thoroughly enjoyable weekend unfolded at the Rosliston Retreat in the National Forest outside of Burton upon Trent for Easter weekend. Attendees were asked to write an immediate response to their surroundings, a rhyming exercise and stream of consciousness word association exercise. The result were rough, unedited and unpolished. they also perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the weekend.

Rosliston Retreat Group Poem
Ghosts from the past visit
Friends in the rain and memories
Shared ease the pain
Whispers flow through the trees
On the breath of a breeze.

In place of rain soaked ground
Where trees stand tall and strong
New friends gathered who all would trust
Wise words establishing strong bonds
A place to release fears, to let go of the past
A safe haven to renew trust, and believe
Walking new positive footsteps
A place to learn, share and laugh
A comfortable place to heal
Shaking loose grief and pain
Sharing together laughter and tears

Lashing rain, maimed misty pane
Gathered with friends upon whom
We can depend

The ghosts of time
Forever in mind
Rain of the north
We then go forth
Mother Earth
Water earth fire air
Friends together in thy breeze
We walk together through they trees
Past present and future
We will remain
Till we once meet again

The trees bend at ease
In the breeze and the
Bees like to tease the
Dames, walking down the lanes
Ghosts from the past
The trees are our domain
Rain falling on the grass
Friends using pans, a blast

Our hosts became friends
With many things to recommend
Seize the most oaths, upon which
Our new lives will depend

The breeze caressed my flesh- chemise soft
Emotion gurgling, throttled by the memory cloak
Of friends upon who I thought I could depend
That now lend themselves to be cleansed

My mind is my domain
To tame, maintain and retrain
The wind circling the eye of the storm
The die is cast – I feel it form
I crash in thought, thoughts spilling fast
Then take myself from the forgotten past.





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1 Response to Rosliston Retreat Writing

  1. elainespoetry8 says:

    Fabulous, wish I was there!

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