Grange Theatre Walsall Closed for Urgent Repairs

All at Behind the Arras were saddened to learn of the Grange Players problem with their home, the Grange Playhouse, Broadway North, Walsall, adjacent to the Arboretum. Routine checks unearthed £60,000 worth of essential repairs, a sum way beyond the means of a community theatre group. Some four hundred productions have been produced over the past 67 years since it opened in 1951, but the theatre is now closed until the repairs can be effected. “Touch and Go” was the last production of 2017, frenzied fundraising is now taking place to ensure that it is not the last ever.
Work required includes new fire doors, a stage safety curtain, rewiring, and assorted general maintenance issues.

Patron Jeffrey Holland , of Hi-de-Hi fame ,has given his support, and a series of fundraisers are scheduled including a Burns Night Supper on Jan 25th.
I have attended many productions at the Grange. The standard of production is invariably high, attendances strong and enthusiastic, the programme diverse and eclectic. It has a three hundred strong membership and a fifty strong acting pool



 A scene from Grange Players production of “Holmes For the Holidays”




Its 7.45pm start time is a reassuringly quirky differentiating characteristic. A strong core of older theatre goers rely upon the Grange both as a social opportunity, and a chance to see theatre they could not afford to see at the larger city centre auditoria. The theatre and company also provides the opportunity for young actors to bridge the gap between school productions and professional theatre.

For more information, offers of help with fundraising, and donations, please visit the Grange Players website:

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