Table Tipping – Long Eaton, with Pietro Politano


“It must be a trick – mustn’t it? A table moving of its own accord. It just is not possible.”

Those were my thoughts prior to attending a table tipping evening. So, when an opportunity to experience it for myself presented itself, it was a chance I could not miss. Spiritual Medium Pietro Politano was hosting the evening, I went along with my partner Jane Osborne , who specialises in Past Life Regressions.



Pietro Politano , centre, with Stacey Deacon , left, Jane Osborne, right


It started at 7.30pm on a Saturday evening and was restricted to seventeen people to ensure that everyone could have a go themselves at least once. The crowd was mixed, young and old, men and women, Spiritualists and the casually curious. The table itself was an ordinary early 20th Century oak side table with barley twist legs exactly like the illustration. I inspected it myself. There were no motors or magnets, alterations or modifications.


As soon as Pietro summonsed three people to help him on the table, at random, the table began to move. All four parties were touching the table lightly, finger tips only. It was possible that Pietro was manipulating the table with his fingers and palms as the table was light. It rocked, it rotated, it spun, it sped around the floor, seemingly of its own accord.

Then Pietro invited me to join him. On the table was myself, Pietro, and two random audience members. I was stood next to Pietro, so was very close. I could see no obvious signs of him manipulating the table. As my hands were also close to his, I pushed the table a little, it was not easy. The reason why I did it was to observe how my fingers visually responded to the exertion, and to compare them with Pietro’s. Pietro’s fingers showed no signs of the stress mine did, nor did his wrists show signs of stress if he had been using his palms. The table was moving at a very fast rate causing us to have to run to maintain finger contact.

Then theatrically he excused himself under the pretence of a toilet break, leaving us three, random audience members at the table – and it started again. Physical manipulation by Pietro was physically impossible.

As the table moved around the audience, sat in a semi- circle around the floor he occasionally delivered spiritual messages, prompted by the table. All were accepted by the recipients. And so this continued for the best part of ninety minutes with the table always moving, rocking, and rotating, but at different speeds and with varying force dependent upon who was around the table at the time, Pietro regularly changed the “table touchers”. Only the energy of movement changed, despite the constantly changing personnel. At nine thirty, the session drew to a close. Everyone had been spellbound by what they saw, no sceptics, of whom there had originally been more than me were able to offer any explanation for what they had seen – other than that they saw it.
Today, I was at a hotel and looked at a table. It was stationary. It was not going to move without being pushed. The idea that it could, the day after, seemed absurd – but I know what I saw…


Pietro will say that I witnessed ectenic force, where the table was moved by the collective psychic energy of those present.
Some may claim that all the table touchers were victims of the power of suggestion, causing everyone to subconsciously behave in a manner consistent with the expected outcome. Yet beforehand many expressed my uncertainty of what might follow. Faiure was as anticipated as success.
Others point to Odic force, and Galvanism, no more preposterous than any other explanation.
The most common explanation is one of simple physical manipulation – but I saw no evidence of that at very close quarters.
You decide.



Gary Longden

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