Derby Demo 6 Friday Night, 11th December 2015

The opening night offers a trio of tribute bands whose music still endures and whose legacy has shaped the sounds of other bands for years to come. Take a look at who will be on stage, not listed in order of appearance.

State of Quo date back to 1995, now comprising Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Paul Carr, Lead Guitar/Vocals Ian Hill, Bass Guitar Brian Smith, and Drums Dave Owen, the band gig tirelessly faithfully and lovingly recreating Quo’s “ heads down, no nonsense, mindless boogie” from the early days of “Pictures of Matchstick Men” onwards.

Free at Last

Free at Last

Free at Last were formed in 1982 under the name Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam featured three of the current members, Jak (guitar/vocals), Shane (guitar) and Mick (drums) until Dave joined on bass in 1994.

Uncle Sam’s set contained a few original songs plus covers by such classic acts as ZZ Top, Pat Travers and of course Free. All the guys in the band have always had a great passion for the music of Free, so in 1996 when deciding to create a tribute there was only one choice who it would be.

Since then they have gone from strength to strength headlining at Bill Flynn’s Free Convention and playing many of the top venues around the country, universally agreed to be the best Free and Bad Company tribute around.

With the original Bad Company reforming to promote their Anthology 2cd set, Paul Rodgers releasing solo albums and joining Queen as their singer for a world tour, it only serves to prove sustained interest in what the band are trying to recreate.

Renegades Lizzy

Renegade Lizzy

Renegades Lizzy pay homage to the great Phil Lynnot and his music. In 1969, Irish rock band Thin Lizzy played its first gig in their home city of Dublin. In 1986, after massive success around the globe, their superstar charismatic leader Phil Lynott passed away suddenly. But the band’s music and his legacy lives on – and will do so for ever. Especially while such talented musicians as Keith Buck, Tony Staniforth, Dave Jacobs and Mick Stafford are paying their ultra classy tribute to those timeless songs under the guise of Renegades – The Very Best of Thin Lizzy. Four mega-talented, Midlands-based musicians with one thing in common; an undying love of the timeless and unforgettable music of Irish superstar rock band Thin Lizzy.

The quartet locked themselves away in the rehearsal studios for almost 12 months to nail note for note renditions of the famed twin guitar fronted, legendary band’s evergreen repertoire before they would attempt to play in public. But when they were ready to rock, boy oh boy oh boy did they rock? Now, a few months down the line, the band have a handful of sizzling gigs under their belt and have speedily built up a solid reputation; as THE band to watch if you are a fan of Lizzy’s music. If you can get in, that is!

After their packed to the rafters debut gig at the Lady Jane at Whitwick, on their home turf in Leicestershire, the fearless foursome returned triumphant to that same venue and filled it a second time. Since then they have played “house full” gigs across the Midlands. This summer they will rock a few festivals and further establish themselves as a musical force to be reckoned with.

The guys aptly adopted the name Renegades, based around the Lizzy track Renegade of course, and selected a couple of dozen of Lizzy’s very best songs from their album tracks, hit singles and popular live numbers to kick off their live performances. They have gradually added even more of Lizzy’s songs to their set, and numbers associated with the solo career of the late and great Gary Moore. So you can either stay in at home on the 11th and listen to Live and Dangerous on record, or come down to “The Dog” and hear the real thing!

All this will leave you panting for more, and there is on Saturday night!

Tickets are just £20 per person, per night, available in advance by Electronic Transfer Sort Code 20-15-96 Account Number 33588009 Reference DD6 plus INITIALS + SURNAME Any questions or to pay by cheque, email

Derby Demo 6 Saturday Night

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