“Thought Apples” Lichfield Launch

Lichfield Library had to add more chairs as Alrewas poet Bert Flitcroft packed out the venue for the launch of his second collection, Thought Apples. Offa’s Press, the publisher, will have been heartened by the response as they take their first tentative steps beyond their heartland.

Dapper Bert, basking in a burgeoning female fan base that One Direction might envy, beamed as he ran through a selection from the twenty five poem strong offering. The appeal of his work is easy to understand, accessible poems on everyday subjects written with a wit and intelligence which delights.

Although an Arts fan, he is also interested in science, incorporating it in a fun, wry way, not least in Forget Gravity. But his most affecting poem of the evening was the intimate, touching, Little Things, dedicated to his wife, about the minutiae of domestic life. Bert has an Everyman eye, sharing my view that New York is one of the least remarkable world cities whilst picking out a little human observational gem in Central Park on Sunday. He never tells or preaches, just watches, and favours leaving his poems open –ended.

Thought Apples flew off the sales table with ravenous fervour and is highly commended, find yourself a copy and check our Bert for yourself as he tours his work. More information may be found on his website. Offa’s Press however need to sharpen up their commercial support to match the sharpness of their authors’ work as Bert, and his collection, was inexplicably absent from their website.



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