AC/DCUK – Lichfield Garrick Theatre

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High Voltage Rock n Roll

Although I am a rock fan whose tastes were forged in the vintage years of the 1970’s, somehow AC/DC passed me by. I saw all of their illustrious contemporaries live, but whilst being aware of their music, I never saw them, for no particular reason other than chance. Although their songs and act became familiar by cultural osmosis. The great thing about tribute bands is that they do afford you the opportunity to hear the music of bands live who you never saw first time around. And as age, death, and hard living take their toll, catching the original line-ups is often impossible.

ACDCUK have established a formidable reputation on the tribute circuit and have much to live up to. Not only do AC/DC have a classic rock back catalogue, but their shows too were events including cannon and audience walks by guitarist Angus. The pressure is further complicated by their having had two lead vocalists. ACDCUK were up to the challenge.

The set was divided, conveniently, into two halves. The first half was devoted to the early years when Bon Johnson was the singer, the second half to Brian Scott’s era. Brian’s trademark flat cap signified “who” was singing! A high octane set included all the hits, faithfully reproduced in sound and presentation. “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” was the highlight of the first act, and the second act, inevitably, was closed with “Highway to Hell” and “For Those of You About to Rock we Salute You!” complete with firing cannon.

The band worked formidably hard to engage with the audience with singer and guitarist in the audience on occasion and female dancers recruited from the audience for the stage. No effort was spared to replicate a genuine AC/DC performance including rows of Marshall amplifiers and customised backdrop. These boys take the job seriously, but demonstrably enjoyed themselves, as did the audience for a fine evening’s entertainment.

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2 Responses to AC/DCUK – Lichfield Garrick Theatre

  1. Andy says:

    Not a good review at all mate 🙂 Get the names of the singes right for a start.

    • garylongden says:

      The review is as I saw it. As for the names of the “singes” (sic) the only error was the addition of “for you” and the omission of parentheses at the end. I can live with that.

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