Poems inspired by 52

Jo Bell is one of the most hardworking and talented poets working in the UK today. She has an initiative for 2014 offering weekly prompts for 52 poems during the year:http://fiftytwopoetry.wordpress.com/

Her blog can be found here:

These represent my responses:

In Praise of Mist

You blur, revelling in uncertain light
An unannounced dawn visitor,
Linger a while

Unedged and untouched
You cast doubt, sapping colour
Odourless, musty white

Your silent defiance taunts,
Memory, misplaced and unplaced
Visible then invisible

What might be ?
Grand panorama or toe stubbing folly
Possible or impossible, always there,

For a moment
Wrapped in paranoid swirl
Cocooned in space

Your moisture passes my lips
As a lover’s finger
Fleeting, then gone

Not to be kissed
An icy caress
With dangerous promise

Giving way to warmth

In a Moment

Bright light blasted all it touched.
White sheets, clear glass,
silver instruments intensified its stare.
Hope defiantly yelled,
staff whispered,
then mumbled.
Not wanting to be heard.
A short sleeved robe is comfortable in a warm room.
LED lights struggled to define their declining numbers,
tumbling in silent toll.
Soft shoes hummed in urgent sprint.
Fast enough?
You can only do your best,
and the next leg in the relay will come soon .
Note boards rustled,
doors opened and closed,
And I strained to hear each shallow breath amidst this cacophony.

A Narrative Verdict

Perhaps that is all there is?
No judgement by human hand
Just a few words, to help us understand
A life summed up
In a sentence

Absence is the ultimate certification
Of what is no more
Unlike a sentence
It has no end

I’m Just Against It

Do they put
That slice of gherkin
In their hamburgers?

Know junk food
Is bad for me yet
Sometimes I am weak

Token green
Tastes and looks obscene
Mister MacDonald

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2 Responses to Poems inspired by 52

  1. This is lovely Gary. Right now, out of my window, the sun is just trying to break through.

  2. Elaine Christie says:

    super poem!

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