Limehouse Lizzy, Tamworth Assembly Rooms

limehouse lizzy

Wayne Ellis

Wayne Ellis

Thin Lizzy were one of the great live bands and an obvious inspiration for a tribute act. Although the tribute genre has moved well beyond the need for physical facsimiles of original performers, the unique persona of Phil Lynnot is always the stumbling block to credibility for a Lizzy tribute band. With Wayne Ellis Limehouse Lizzy solve that problem. His appearance is close enough without being caricature to Lynott, he is a hugely accomplished bass player and has the stage presence to carry off the front man role.

Tamworth Assembly Rooms is a perfect live music venue with the ghosts of such greats as The Beatles and the Rolling Stones stalking the wings. Large enough to take a crowd, but small enough to feel that you are close to the action, the acoustics are excellent A large and enthusiastic crowd gathered for a set which was divided into two halves, delivering all the favourites while shrewdly choosing less obvious songs for an airing like “Wild One” which closed the first half. I had the pleasure of seeing Thin Lizzy in their late 70’s heyday and was astonished at how they were able to replicate the live sound so faithfully.

Local Boy Tim Read

Local Boy Tim Read

Of course the rock numbers rocked, but it was the Gary Moore penned “Parisienne Walkways” which was the stand out number of the night, a surprising choice to open the second set, it smouldered, grew and then erupted with a series of memorable guitar solos from the excellent Tim Read. A native of nearby Burton on Trent he had plenty of local support and lit up the song with runs which were faithful to the original but also improvised around them. By contrast “Are You Ready” was the killer rocker of the night, short, tight, and Lizzy’s answer to Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” with second axe- man punching out some weighty solos and riffs.

Of course the main set had to end with “The Boys Are back in Town” ,followed by an impromptu rendition of “Sarah” as the grateful crowd demanded more, and got it. Those who want another fix from this excellent band locally will find them at The Robin in Bilston on the 22nd June.

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1 Response to Limehouse Lizzy, Tamworth Assembly Rooms

  1. Wayne Ellis says:

    Gary, we cannot thank you enough for such a gracious review. It’s so refreshing to witness a critic of our genre neither looking down his nose at tributes or with a particular axe to grind. We remain grateful and please know that you are always welcome to any our shows as our guest.

    Warmest regards,
    Wayne Ellis

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