Lawn Lore- Nadia Kingsley

Nadia Kingsley

Lawn Lore is a wonderful poetry pamphlet borne out of a brilliant idea. Nadia lives in the countryside in a rural idyll in Shropshire, but with imperfect grass on her lawn. One day she was moved to ask a friend who specialises in grasses to examine a two metre square quadrat. This involved them both considering in close detail that which previously would have gone unnoticed,and unremarked upon. This work was created from that fresh perspective.

The eleven poems themselves are written in deliberately small print, so small, that unless the reader possesses the eyesight of a teenage sniper ,magnification is required. Nadia helpfully supplies a magnifier with the pamphlet so the reader may study more closely her words, as she considered more closely her lawn. A delightful detail is that each beautifully presented copy is handstitched with a green thread.

As well as being a poet, Nadia is also a scientist and her poems reflect the style of a scientific report, yet the writing is of joyous celebratory discovery. They also consider place, Here considers how Perennial Rye is selected for Rugby pitches for its hard wearing qualities, yet her garden offers sanctuary from mankinds’ need to control and manipulate.
Each grass is introduced by its Latin name encouraging the reader once more to explore further, exploration being the key theme of Lawn Lore. Ranunculus Repens is the last poem, and amongst the most satisfying, juxtaposing the childs’ tradition of using its flower to determine a liking for butter from its reflection and its poisonous qualities- it all depends how you look at it, doesn’t it?

The premise for Lawn Lore is startlingly imagined and lovingly executed in a manner that will delight poets and botanists alike, as it did me, published by Fairacre Press.
Gary Longden

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