Christmas Spoken Word Anagram Quiz- Answers

Thank you to everyone who tried – and failed! 27/35 was the best effort. I hope you enjoy seeing the anagrams unravel before your eyes:

1.Gary Longden- grandly gone
2.Bohdan Piasecki- backside siphon
3.Emma Pursehouse- measures up home
4.Gary Carr- Rag Carry
5.Mal Dewhirst- Warmth Slide
6.Jonathan Taylor- Jolt arty ha anon
7.Lisa Ventura- unreal vista
8.Heather wastie-weathers his tea
9. Jacqui rowe- quo jaw rice
10.Giovanni Esposito- Positive Gas Onion
11.Liz lefroy- zero filly
12.Julie Boden- job nude lie
13.Antony R owen- annoyer town
14.Charlie Jordan- Jailer Hard con
15.Laura Yates- sure lay at a
16.Maggie Doyle- Oily am egged
17.Richard Grant- ranch grid rat
18.Stepehn Morrison Burke- housebroken sperm inert
19.Alan McGeachie- mechanical age
20.Jodi ann bickley -Blink enjoy acid
21.Jack Edwards – jaw desk card
22.Tony Stringfellow- strongly flew into
23.Emergency Poet- Creepy get me on
24.Matt Windle- lewd mint at
25. Simon Fletcher- fishermen clot
26. Amy Rainbow – Win by aroma
27. Fergus McGonigal – Alfresco mugging
28. Mulletproof poet – roomful pelt poet
29. Deborah Tyler Bennet -Northernly batted bee-
30.Catherine Crosswell -Cartwheels score nil-

31. Hot he tied – Hit the ode
32. Greatly hop it – Poetry Alight
33. Dreadnought Pong raid – Pure and Good and Right
34. Humid coma nuts- Mouth and Music
35. Dish Gin -Shindig

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2 Responses to Christmas Spoken Word Anagram Quiz- Answers

  1. Brilliant … we didn’t get all of them … not even 27, so congrats to whoever did 🙂

  2. Liz Lefroy says:

    I never felt famouser than when I saw my scrambled name on your list, Gary! Thank you 🙂

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