Fizz, Polesworth Abbey, Polesworth

Polewworth Abbey

Fizz is a bi-monthly poetry evening held in the august and beautiful surroundings of Polesworth Abbey which this evening was bathed in warm late spring sunshine. An all pervading sense of goodness radiated everywhere in a setting that Donne, Johnson and Drayton would have recognised, and appreciated, as they would have appreciated the format of a guest poet, and floor readers, with free admission and light refreshments.

Mal Dewhirst – AKA “Mr Fizz”

If you want a job done, Mal Dewhirst, “Mr Fizz”, is the man to go to it seems. Not content with recent credits which include Nuneaton Poetry Day, The Polesworth Poetry Trail and the upcoming production of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” at Tamworth Assembly Rooms 5th-8th June inclusive, he also announced the creation of the new office of Staffordshire Poet Laureate, more details of which can be found at:

Margaret Torr – Guest Poet

The guest poet for the evening was Margaret Torr who originates from Birkenhead, but is now a regular on the Staffordshire poetry circuit. Her work is versatile , accessible and intimate and found its apotheosis in Running Parallel, a wistful but unsentimental look at middle aged relationships and Silent Window, a terrific tender brutal examination of deafness. She duetted with Dea Costelloe, she read her contribution to the Polesworth Poetry Trail and she performed a story. Warmly received, it is about time that she put out a pamphlet of her work.

The floor readings were as diverse as ever. Gina Coates read Regrets on behalf of the promising teenage poet Ian Ryan, whilst Dea Costelloe did a solo spot themed on men including Slanging it Out, which she is going to have trouble not performing in the future, so well is it received. Janet Crouch performed the excellent story Zeus’s Spoons. Music was on hand in the form of Brian Langtry, his guitar, and My Cotton Town, set in Hyde not Alabama, and some half a century in conception. Gary Carr delivered his customary quick-fire blast of poetic quality which this time included Dear Diary and Highlights, which were.

Terri Jolland reminded us that there is more to her than comedy writing with the anguished tale of installing new bedroom furniture and the elegiac Sunshine Hours, a remembrance of her childhood. Making his Fizzz debut was local John Farmer who delighted the audience not only with his poem Polesworth Now and Then but also with his reminiscences of the penny payment he used to receive for singing in the Abbey Choir over sixty years ago. Closing the evening was Tom Wyre, who strapped us on board for his alliterative rhyming rollercoaster of a set.

Fizz next plays on 24/7 with guest poet Terri Jolland ,and on 25/9 ,with Dea Costelloe and Peter Grey, 7.30pm start.
Gary Longden 22/5/12

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