Strange American Poetic Deaths Quiz

It is not surprising that poets like to “check out” in idiosyncratic style, combine poet and American, and that situation is compounded!

Below are the deaths and names of 10 American poets, see how many you can match up? How did I do? One……………Adelaide Crapsey.

Needless to say I shall be investigating the background of those with whom I am not familiar, and posting the results. This will be a neat twist on Mal Dewhirst’s “lost poets”(!) series in his own blog:

Answers in the next post.

Taken from the excellent:
A. Hit by a dune buggy.
B. Heart attack in friend’s swimming pool.
C. Hit by car while walking to hospital to receive treatment for injuries suffered during a suicide attempt
D. Psoriosis .
E. Drank whiskey poisoned by bartender
F. Disappeared,north side of Golden Gate Bridge, body never recovered
G. Died in a snowstorm while walking home from a tavern.
H. Jumped off the Washington Avenue Bridge between St. Paul and Minneapolis.
I. Walked off with rifle. Never seen again.
J. Tuberculosis of the brain lining

1. Theodore Roethke

2. Robert Johnson

3. Philip Freneau

4. Weldon Kees

5. Randall Jarrell

6. Adelaide Crapsey

7. Lew Welch

8. Frank O’Hara

9. Jack Spicer

10.John Berryman

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