Bear Grylls – Born Survivor

Bear Grylls

These are useful tips I have picked up from watching his series:

1. A dead camel can be useful for sleeping inside in the Saraha desert.
2. When leaping off a small ice sheet onto the rigging of a passing ship be aware that the ship may sink the sheet upon which you are standing
3. Raw sheep’s testicles are full of nutrition
4. Rafts, however ingeniously assembled, invariably sink quite quickly
5. When confronted with a forest fire in Alabama you should run through it.Roll around in mud to protect your body, and drench a urine soaked t shirt around your head for protection first
6. Seal skins can be cut and tailored to make excellent singlets in the style of Andy Bell from Erasure.
7. Freshly excreted faeces wrapped in cling film is a good hand warmer in the cold.
8. When entering long mountain single track railway tunnels with no passing places in Oregon, care should be taken that a train is not coming.
9. After bathing in glacial lakes rolling around in snow actually helps you to dry off.
10. Raiding bees nests in Africa for honey without fully covering your face is unwise, their stings hurt.

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