His world imploded into deep breaths
As if incapable of taking enough air
She stood there
A shadowy figure under fragmenting light

Inert, passive, he sat
She had seen him, he had seen her
High boots, slender legs, long hair
The door opened, the interior light
Bathing her in unexpected glare

Uncertain words and glances flickered
In calculated assessment

It was the ordinariness of the flat
Cheap but tidy
A letter opener lay on her bookshelf
Its dull sharpness latent

They coupled on the soft sofa
On a rug roughly thrown to collect the sweat
And semen
Their bodies moved in time
Chance harmony in discordance

Fumbled normality played
Mumbled platitudes made
In the emptiness
She asked to be returned to where he had found her
To be absorbed once more by the indifferent darkness.

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