Megan Davies – Forgotten Pop Trailblazer

I have always been hugely interested in popular music , especially that from which I can first remember as a child. My earliest memories? Puff the Magic Dragon- Peter, Paul and Mary, Pet Clarke with Downtown/ Don’t Sleep in the Subway/ Up, Up and Away-5th Dimension, What’s New Pussy Cat- Tom Jones and the Mamas and the Papas’ Monday Monday, California Dreaming.

have recently become aware of an interesting figure whom I was too young to remember, but who probably deserves a more elevated place in the pop pantheon – Megan Davies of the Applejacks. Firstly she comes from Solihull,part of the West Midland conurbation in which I live, secondly she was a female bass player in a popular band a decade before Suzi Quattro appeared, who herself provided the inspiration for many in the Punk Explosion, Gaye Black (Advert), Gina Smith et al.the Applejacks themselves they were the pioneers of Brumbeat which spawned many fine artists.

Memorably, the Applejacks met as members of a Scout Troop, had two top ten hits and produced arguably the definitive interpretation of the Kinks “I Go To Sleep”. Their second hit, was a Lennon and McCartney composition, “Like Dreamers Do” a neglected period gem. The decision to take up a lucrative cruise ship residency killed the band commercially. Listening to their early material I can’t help but reflect on how talented they were, and what might have been, and what an icon Megan Davies might have become.

The Applejacks in action:

For more on The Applejacks:

For more on Megan Davies:

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