Loose Change

A farthing was not much, even then
Just half a ha’penny

Threepenny bits were lopsided, awkward
They didn’t quite fit

The tanner, staple of pocket money
Christmas pudding surprise, and song

Two shillings never sounded as grand as a florin
A crown more famous by half

And although it is easier to count by tens than twelves
They have never been replaced

Resisting the decimal point they endure
Always a name, never a number

They linger in our memory
As coins resting in a well-worn pocket

Harbinger of delight when discovered
Never simply change

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One Response to Loose Change

  1. Fran says:

    Gosh, some of these words sound positively archaic already. And the kids I teach can’t believe we used to have to count in twelves! Nice poem. A real sense of nostalgia.

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