No One Could Protect Her

No-one Could Protect Her
An empty crowd pleaser that plays to just too may galleries. This story, based on fact is of a woman attacked and raped in her own home. Unusually, the rapist returns to silence her, and as it becomes apparent that this is a serial offender the tension is tracked up as she increases her efforts to protect herself and an inevitable showdown awaits.

The female lead, Jessica Rayner ,is played quite well by Johanna Kerns the rest of the cast are filled with characters hastily drawn simply to do a job. The rape itself is not explicit, and is over quite quickly. Her husband, played by Tony Denison fares less well. He rails against the world and police, plays vigilante, and refuses to sleep with his wife after the attack in awkwardly drawn scenes.

The idea of a returning rapist/killer is unsettling. But the offenders ability to penetrate the household irrespective of what alarms and security measures are in place becomes tedious, not chilling after a while. The final face-off is preposterous and annoying . Ultimately it fails on most levels.

The story is neither graphic nor salacious enough to attract those after such kicks. The background to the killer and how he was able to avoid detection is untold. The angry husband just looks ridiculous half the time, indeed he is only marginally less unlikeable than the rapist. And the “chick that has to be strong” line becomes a bit sickly after a while, especially after she refuses to go away for a while as the investigation gathers pace.

Don’t watch this through – you will regret it.

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