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Reflections on a Tidy -Up #22

Reflections on a Tidy -Up Prior to a Wife’s Return from a Few Days Away The Hoover leaves tram marks Like a freshly mown lawn. That nozzle attachment is really useful On stair treads, Grazing with the persistence Of an … Continue reading

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The Counterfeit Stones

I went to see the Counterfeit Stones last night at the Robin in Bilston. The Robin itself is a great music venue.It holds 800, all standing, two bars, and a mecca for the musical cogniscenti. I’m not a huge fan … Continue reading

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The Young Lions

Good, amongst Brando’s best, and almost great, War films tend to be a snap shot of the time they were made as much as the time they are portraying. “The Young Lions” is no exception. A sprawling epic over 167 … Continue reading

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A Question of Belonging # 21

People’s use of apostrophes Can be random, can’t it? Whilst others are quite possessive. Can the Accounts Department Use the Customer’s Car park At the farmers market? Is Kate the new people’s Princess? Is that the peoples’ wish? Will she … Continue reading

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Remote Control #20

Once when you pressed my buttons I would change channels at your bidding Upon your whim Altering perspective too From wide to narrow screen As you wished Colours changed, pin sharp contrast Brightness and darkness With one push My volume … Continue reading

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A Flawed Failure There is a perennial debate about whether a civilised society may sacrifice its civilised ideals in order to deal with an uncivilised threat. It has exercised great minds over the years. Sadly none were involved in the … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo – #17,18,19

Charity Shop CD You played me incessantly Your constant companion Night and day I was with you Moving from joyful discovery Through knowing appreciation To familiar old friend. My treble thrilled My bass shook My words stroked your soul And … Continue reading

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The Western Pub, Leicester SHINDIG is a collaborative venture between Crystal Clear Creators, represented at the gig by Jonathan Taylor, and Nine Arches Press, represented by Jane Commane and Matt Nun. Recently relocated to “The Western”, the venue is one … Continue reading

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From you I have Learned of births and Deaths and dying Your tone never Faltered your eyes Never blinked once Your breath steady Hands clasped quite still When blood runs cold

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Thousands of holes Cling desperately Together Vertical line Outwardly solid Yet fragile Invisible They silently cry Tear here

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