NaPoWriMo – #17,18,19

Charity Shop CD

You played me incessantly
Your constant companion
Night and day I was with you
Moving from joyful discovery
Through knowing appreciation
To familiar old friend.
My treble thrilled
My bass shook
My words stroked your soul

And then you discarded me
No longer were the lyrics checked
(You knew them by heart)
The cover art instead of a cerebral puzzle
Became a coffee mat
My place usurped by a younger, newer
Fresher interloper, whose mysteries lay
As yet undiscovered.

That it should come to this
From essential soul mate
To a remote shelf in a Charity Shop
Arbitrarily priced, soon to be discounted
Jammed next to unwanted pulp fiction
Retching from the stale scent of last year’s fashions
Unknown to the well meaning volunteers
Overlooked by the bargain hunters.

Sainsbury’s Security Guard

He stood pumpkin like
A goatee beard
Absurdly perched
On his tiny head
His arms flapped
His stomach bulged
His face perspired
And as I picked up
A bottle of wine
I thought
-“He’d never catch me”.


We were close
Or so I thought
Before she was famous
We’d say hello
As we’d come and go
It was personal

Facebook with no friends
Is no fun
A lonely place
And I passed the test
I sent a friend request
And Cat Deeley accepted

Cat was doing this
And Cat was doing that
And I was a part of it
Or so it seemed
As Cat’s face beamed
From her avatar

Then one day
I noticed
My friend count was down
The list I checked
But my life was wrecked
By her absence

So I viewed her friends
Brad and George
Kylie and Becks
I saw every face
That had taken my place
And usurped me

It was hard to bear
The rejection
The void
It didn’t seem right
I was celebrity light
But Jordan said yes

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