Wolf Creek

Nasty Torture Flick, 25 December 2007

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

A nasty little film seeking some semblance of credibility and justification by masquerading under the “based on a true story” strapline.I have no fundamental problem with the horror / torture/ gore genre per se. But this low budget movie is as low on ideas as it is on dollars.

The running time pretty much splits 60 minutes build up, and 40 minutes gore fest. Except that the scene setting is ponderous and no real well of sympathy is set up for the victims, you don’t really find yourself caring about them at all.

There are some redeeming features. The cinematography of the outback is never less than pleasing,and Mick Taylor gives an entertaining performance as psychopath John Jatrett. Howevee the plot line is riddled with holes, and the scene shots are implausible.

Indepemndent Australian film making has a rich and honourable tradition, this film does not add to it 

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