St Trinians

Fun, Frothy Entertainment., 28 February 2009

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

The original St Trinians series was a classic of it’s era, well acted, well written and very funny.Whilst probably falling short of the standards of it’s inspiration, it is nonetheless amusing, entertaining and modern.And perhaps that is also it’s strength, it borrows from the original without copying it, and the modern incarnation provides sufficient distance for it to be considered on its own merits.

Rupert Everett is superb as the School Headmistress, although the likeness to television personality Esther Rantzen is unnerving.Russell Brand demonstrates that his comic talents flourish even better under direction and a script than with the free form of stand-up comedy, as the “spiv”.Stephen Fry is perfect as a quiz show host, and Colin Firth plays the straight man fall guy with some aplomb. All in all a very good cast.

The 100 minute running time is just right. the editing and script is quick with plenty of one liners and visual jokes to watch out for.Though not a work of comic genius this will appeal both to schoolchildren unfamiliar with the original, and parents who are and remember the original with fondness.I would certainly happily see a sequel.

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