Green Street Hooligans 2

Dire, Dismal, Drivel, 18 February 2010

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a veteran of the heyday of the English Football Hooliganism era , I found the original “Green Street” lamentable. Watered down, ill-advised, inaccurate, it was a shameless attempt to introduce the subject specifically to an American audience. Nothing though quite prepared me for this sequel, as cynical an exercise in film making it would be difficult to imagine apart from, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakwell”.

Only one original cast member remains, and the story is set in a prison, which provides the confined space for West Ham and Millwall hooligans, doing prison terms, to confront each other. It unfolds as a 94 minute cage fight with multiple attacks, revenge attacks, one-on-ones, firm on firm etc. If it had been packaged as a sort of 18 rated WWF Bout, then it would have some reason for existing, but it is not, and does not.

The English prison is clearly an American one, with no sense of an English Institution at all, so it loses any authenticity as a “Prison Film” with both British and American audiences. Decent Prison Warder is played by Arthur Mason, a fine actor, who had a long stay in the British TV Series about the London Fire Service, “London’s Burning”. He spends almost the entire film with his mouth agape, presumably at the dross which is swirling around him.

Actrss Marina Sirtis plays a corrupt Head Warder in a curiously written role, the cod script almost demands some raunchy “prisoner on screw” sex action, but it never comes. A mass football match and fight at the end is so formulaic and contrived, it is pretty much unwatchable. So, not a prison or football hooligan film, the market for this is restricted to those who simply enjoy watching people getting beaten up, but is devoid of any other merit.

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