Terrific Action Movie, 16 June 2010

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is no cerebral or arty thriller. It is an old fashioned mix of a great story, good acting, great action and an imposing setting. Director Renny Harlin cut his teeth on big budget movies with the adequate “Die Hard 2”. But here he excels, getting the maximum out of every part of this picture to create a hugely satisfying entity.

The opening scene is like a James Bond pre-credit opener. Sly Stallone revels in the part of Gabe Walker as he reluctantly comes out of retirement to assist with a climbing rescue. The scenery is staggering and provides an awesome backdrop to a climbing accident which results in Gabe dropping a fellow climbers girlfriend to her death from a rope between two towering stacks much to the displeasure of her boyfriend. These two are then thrown together when a bank heist goes wrong and they are forced to help the criminals recover the loot which has been scattered across a mountainous landscape which Gabe is uniquely placed to assist them with.

John Lithgow does the evil as the lead criminal, with Craig Fairbrass from English Fire Station Soap “London’s Burning” pleasingly villainous as his side-kick, Delmar. Avalanches, shoot outs, white-outs, helicopter rescues and cliff-face peril thrill throughout as the baddies try to get away with their ill-gotten gains. Yes the scenes are set-pieces, and the scene in which Gabe lets his would be female rescue slip through his fingers clichéd in the way it is shot. But it doesn’t matter. Without exception the action scenes are riveting and entertaining which is surely what a good slice of cinema going should be about

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