10,000 BC

Just Plain Dreadful, 21 March 2008

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went to see this movie not expecting much. Some epic scenery, a few battles with animals and rival tribes, the odd heaving bosom and a frothy pop corn story. Sadly i was still disappointed.

Never can so much money, particularly on cgi and special effects have been spent to so little effect.None of the actors is worthy of a name check – although i suspect that the threadbare script found numerous first choices “busy”.

Charaecteristaion is pretty much non existent, which you can get away with if you have a rip roaring fast moving script.But this isn’t. the cinematography is quite sweeping, and the music quite “nice”. But that is about it.

Roland Emmerich fails miserably here, his greatest crime being in assuming that the people would be grunting idiots. His alack of humanity, a trade characteristic for him, undermines what few shreds of invention this film has.Two sequences, the “mammoth” hunt and the “ostrich attack” in the jungle had great dramatic possibilities, bot both ere squandered, as were the possibilities of pretty much the entire story.

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