The Descent

Tight, Sharp. Yarn, 13 March 2007

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

This film has polarised opinion quite sharply, and has inevitably been compared and contrasted with “The Cave”, released at a similar time and with broadly similar themes. For me Neil Marshall has created an above average tale, which, whilst paying homage to the genre steers away from cliché.

The pretty much all female cast toys with the viewers stereo types. A girly, simpering whimpering band they are not. Dramatic tension between the characters is well developed ,and heroic deeds are just that, without the “macho” bravado that can bloat a Stallone style performance.

Stylistically, those familiar with “Dog Soldiers” will not be disappointed or surprised. The “b list” cast pull together in true egalitarian style to play their parts without trying to steal the show – sometimes less is more, and understated horror is often the best.

The transition from “cavers lost in a cave” to “cavers terrorised by strange things” is a bit “clunky”. But it is a tribute to the film that it would have worked as a straight caving accident drama.

At 99 minutes it just stays within its welcome – and has run its course. Non fans of the genre will not be converted. But fans will find this a welcome addition

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