The Bourne Ultimatum

Tremendous Trilogy Finale, 19 August 2007

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

When the Bourne Identity came out I was as impressed as anyone with the clever storyline,fine acting, and pacey, often innovative, action sequences. However the Bourne Supremacy, which I had assumed was a “cash in ” sequel lost me, mainly because the narrative was poor, and the sense of purpose in the story was lost. Well, this third installment puts that right with spades, and works both as the end of a trilogy, and as a stand alone piece.

Matt Damon proves what a fine actor he is. Although an action hero, he always seems to avoid clichĂ© and formula in the role. Cleverly, because the essence of the story is the search for his “identity”, it is also a search for his soul. So although the action sequences are frequently quite brutal, he never succumbs to the Schwarzenegger “automaton” style of action hero.

Although awash with surveillance gadgetry, the story eschews hi tech killing methods, and is far the better for it. The thrill is in the chase. David Strathairn, who has a gargantuan list of film acting credits behind him, is tremendous as the maverick Deputy CIA Chief,Noah Vosen. Joan Allen,as his nemesis Pamela Landy, is superb as his nemesis, and proves that there is a place for women over 50 in modern movies. By contrast, Julia Stiles as erstwhile love interest Nicky Parsons, has a curiously underwritten, functional role.

Not cerebral, but visceral entertainment. Much cleverer than the Mision Impossible franchise. and a for once plausible cross Atlantic contrast to James Bond.

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