Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Bloated Finale, 28 May 2007

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

I am a huge fan of Pirate films as a genre, and loved the first POTC installment. The second one seemed like half a film to me, so i was keenly waiting the conclusion of this tale. I could not have been more disappointed.

It is easy to forget that the first film focused on the roguish charm and wit of Jack Sparrow, told a coherent story, was well plotted, pacey, and had few special effects. “worlds End” has grown into a bloated monster, fat on the success of the first two installments. Hugely impressive, and expensive, special effects have dwarfed the plot such that Sparrow has been relegated into little more than a bystander in this juggernaut of a CGI driven picture.

Many of the scenes were shot during last years filming of the second “Dead Mans Chest”, and apparently the script had not been finalised at that point. It shows. This franchise has become a “Mision Impossible” style enterprise whereby the set pieces are put together first, and then joined up by a script that tries to make some sense of it.

Sadly, i do hope that this is the end for this series.The English Rose innocence of Keira Knightley now seems wet, her attempts at being Action Woman risible. And as for Orlando Bloom, he is about as dashing as Larry Grayson, as he hangs around to win his lady’s heart. Jack, previously the vibrant life of every frame has been sidelined by a tidal wave of special effects that are simply there because the money is there to provide them , rather than because of any dramatic imperative.

Farewell, and bon voyage – i will remember the good times.

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