United 93

Respectful, tense, safe homage, 13 January 2007

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

I approached this film with some trepidation. The US is notoriously flawed, simplistic and introspective in it’s international perspective. So I was prepared for a flag waving, navel gazing,sentimental tale safely geared for the home market. I was wrong to do so.

Greengrass tells the story straight in real time, and produces a powerful, restrained tale.Several of the performances are by the real people on the ground, giving it an authenticity which is the hallmark of the production.

The temptation to demonise the hi jackers is avoided, as is the temptation to flesh out the plane victims characters, and backgrounds, for dramatic effect. Balance wins here, dramatic effect however is reduced.

The overall feel is one of a well produced documentary .As such it is a fitting tribute to the people who were unwilling, but heroic, participants in one of the most extraordinary days in modern history. The lack of sensationalism and judgement loses some dramatic power opportunities, but wins in terms of credibility. As an historic document of that day – it is a triumph.

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