Hot Fuzz

Desperately Disappointing, 24 February 2007

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went along to this movie with high expectations, but low preconceptions. i was sorely disappointed with what I saw. The premise of the film was fine – a spoof involving an over zealous City Cop unleashed into the strange ways of a quiet backwater village. However the fundamental problem is that it is not that funny. Combine this with an overlong 2 hour running time and you are in trouble. The golden rule of comedy films is that no matter how good the content, they don’t overrun 90 minutes. This one overshot by 30 minutes and was really a tight 45 minute idea.

The Director, Edgar Wright had a cross over cult hit with “Shaun of the Dead” – interestingly the remainder of his work has been more miss than hit. However on the strength of the success of “Shaun”, a pretty strong cast was assembled including Bilie Whitelaw, Bill Nighy and Timothy Dalton. Valliantly as they perform though, there is only so much that they can do with a pretty thin script.

Fot film aficionados there are references to other Cop Movies, and in jokes galore, with a pleasingly eclectic score to go with it. However the cod gore fest of some of the village “accidents” reprising “Shaun ” moments are really sub “Scary Movie ” stuff. And the Gonzo Police action scenes tire quickly.

Ironically the funniest moment for me was the most under stated. He goes into the village pub for the first time, empties it by clearing out all the under age drinkers, then orders a Cranberry Juice.

To be fair the 16 year olds in the Theatre thought the film was “mental” – and the plot is undeniably a good premise. But the execution is undisciplined and gratuitously slack hence my unusually low rating

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