Pretentious Drivel, 29 January 2007

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

Inarritu’s recent history with “Amores Perros” and “21 Grammes” had me expectantly awaiting his latest effort. I deliberately avoided doing too much “research” on the film, instead wanting to be challenged and impressed by one of the more interesting contemporary directors of the day.

The film stinks. Don’t be seduced by the Art House brigade. The story (three interwoven) is poorly told. The characters lack depth. There is an almost total lack of pace.Although shot beautifully,and what action there is, is well captured, this in no way compensates from a project which conspires to be “clever”, but simply implodes into the vacuum of a desperately ill executed tale.

Ironically, the story is one of poor communication between characters – the fact that it communicates so poorly it’s message to it’s audience is no doubt lost on the film’s supporters. Pitt and Blanchett are wasted on this nonsense and the two and a half hour running time makes a mockery of any sort of cinematic discipline by the Director.

Avoid.There is much more thought provoking, and skilfully created fare than this out there!

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