Snakes on a Plane

Venomous Fun, 28 August 2006

Author: gary-444 from United Kingdom

This is no classic. It is a hugely enjoyable slice of well edited, fast paced action which veers between shlock horror, buddy movie, thriller, and slapstick comedy at a lightning pace.

Samuel L Jackson rightly wins the plaudits as FBI agent Neville Flynn.His performance nods to his previous incarnations in Shaft in particular, but also Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Vol 2 and Pulp Fiction giving the film a depth and integrity beyond the immediate storyline.

The formula is standard, but works. The ageing stewardess who could have retired, the young stewardess who is on her last flight, the two young children flying on their own for the first time (Don’t do it kids!),the little dog just oozing “eat me” appeal for hungry snakes,the gratuitous bare breast shots, the impossibly short skirt of the tastiest air hostess,and the steward who Isn’t gay ! (the biggest shock of them all).

Sometimes we want to see a film which just entertains us , and makes us laugh, squirm and cheer. If you fancy some of that – then you will love this.

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