Behind the Arras Reviews

Cafe Lafacino

Margarett Rose Abri Cafe, Digbeth

Now an established event, this was the finest incarnation yet of an event which overflows with new ideas and performers. Impresario Rachel Sambrooks also doubles as Theatre Director/ Writer at Birmingham Art Gallery, and she certainly knows her artists. 

The multi talented Stuart Zola opened up with his debut as a Stand Up Comic, and survived to tell the tale with a series of witty one liners and humorous stories including an intriguing fixation with Harry Potter. Aaron Twichen is a star in the making. Camp, self effacing and very funny, Aaron romped through a hugely enjoyable set and is surely destined to make the big time, catch him again locally while you can. Throughout, Rachel compered the show and offered assorted comic interludes, the highlight of which was an achingly funny “Blockbuster” routine. 

The evening featured around ten performers. In what amounts to a variety show one of the joys is never being sure what is coming next. And the surprise highlight this evening was penultimate performer Claire Corfield who delivered a hilarious song and gags routine as a prim posh bird who wasn’t at all sure she should be there. Another one not to miss for the future. Next Cafe Lafacino , Sat 2/10 at 8pm, details on the Cafe Facebook page. 007-08-10

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